Toward Urban Resilience using Renewable and Distributed Energy Resources

Sustained operation of sanitary pumping stations in Richmond BC is critical to the health and safety of its residents. The overarching goal of this research project is to investigate strategies to improve urban resilience by operating the sanitary pumping station loads in coordination with distributed energy resources (DERs), including renewable generation and energy storage. Particularly, this project aims to develop a decision-making tool to optimize infrastructure investment in DERs while promoting resilience of sanitary pumping stations. Insights gained through this research with Energy Canvas will enable the City of Richmond to optimally invest in DERs so that their sanitary pumping stations are more resilient in the face of external changes, such as severe weather conditions. The proposed project will highlight benefits of incorporating DERs in existing electric distribution networks, which will help to promote renewable integration, empower customer participation, and improve critical infrastructure resilience in Richmond.

Faculty Supervisor:

Christine Chen


Ashish Kothyari


Energy Canvas


Engineering - computer / electrical






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