Towards a complete ATM fraud detection scheme using advanced Video Analytics and Biometric Identification Technology


Solink Corporation is a video analytic company that transcribes video streams into searchable metadata. Their flagship solution, Searchlight, proactively monitors, identifies and alerts investigators of suspicious activity at ATMs to reduce fraud and improve customer experience. Solink’s current ATM Skimming detection product (Searchlight) analyzes both transaction and video at an ATM to detect suspicious activity and automatically generates an alarm in the event of fraudulent operations. Solink’s team is excited to collaborate with Dr. Andy Adler at Carleton University in order to develop new software and video analytics to address and detect ATM fraud in video surveillance. Our objective is to develop a complete solution that combines the power of video analytics and Biometrics, and that allow s for detection of ATM fraud centrally using a 100% software solution. A mutual contribution with Carleton University w ill ultimately lead to new product development and groundbreaking technology, emerging in this competitive field.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Andy Adler


Peyman Rahmati


Solink Corporation


Engineering - computer / electrical


Information and communications technologies


Carleton University



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