Towards a lab-on-a-chip-based rapid-screening system for pathogens

In light of the recent outbreak of Covid-19, it is urgent to find a solution for quick and efficient pathogen detection and elimination. Rapid point-of-need diagnostic tests and monitoring devices are urgently required in order to provide testing and care to those infected. Currently, testing is performed at centralized facilities using specialized equipment for molecular-based pathogen detection. Real time-quantitative PCR is the current method for detection, but it has a slow response time due to clinical lab capacity and sample shipping time.

In an effort to rapidly examine cells and microorganisms, we are developing an embedded sensor for lab-on-a-chip platforms with connected micro-tubes and a container for markers and the specimen. The sensor has built-in energy-harvesting and bidirectional communication units to create a contactless platform and analytical support for lab-on-a-chip technology. The proposed sensor attached to a microfluidic capillary carrier or lateral flow-based assay, facilitates rapid analysis and detection of harmful pathogens, drugs or biomolecules. It could also be used as a low-cost point-of-care patient monitoring device.

Faculty Supervisor:

Shahriar Mirabbasi;Katherine Elvira


Mengye Cai;Mohammad Najjarzadegan;Alejandro Forigua;Elanna Stephenson


Epic Semiconductors



Professional, scientific and technical services




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