Towards a Theory of Idea Evaluation

As the world increasingly depends on the creation of new and novel ideas, the ability to manage them become paramount,. Ideation is a process that enables organizations to create, value and manage a portfolio of ideas. It can be divided into three areas: 1) Idea representation, aka Ontologies, 2)Idea evaluation and portfolio management, and 3)Idea process management. The objectives of this research are to: 1. Identify and analyze current short comings in the innovation processes, 2. Develop an ontology for ideas and the innovation process, 3. Develop a model to measure the value of ideas and their impact, 4. Develop the methods and models to enhance, accelerate and increase the quality of the innovation process, 5. Optimize a portfolio of Ideas to quickly identify ideas to pursue, and 6. Create a prototype software package that embodies the results.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Mark Fox


Andrew Nathaniel Forde


Hospital for Sick Children


Engineering - other


Consumer goods


University of Toronto



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