Towards Development of a Decision Making Tool for Owners, Designers and Municipalities: Surveying Current Domestic Water Conservation Technologies and Tools for Single Family Residential Dwellings

The proposed project will survey “best-in-class” decentralized water conservation technologies and approaches such as rainwater harvesting systems and greywater recycling systems for use in single family residential dwellings in Canada. The proposed project will also survey all tools and resources provided by water conservation authorities such as CMHC to homeowners, building designers and municipalities. The proposed project will work with S2E to develop a final comprehensive report which will allow for the research results to be applied to S2E’s Project Smart Community. This project is providing the basis for comparisons between the available water conservation technologies and will act as a background for development of a decision making tool which could be used by the building industry.

Faculty Supervisor:

Drs. Miljana Horvat & Russell Richman


Madeleine Craig


S2E Technologies Inc.


Architecture and design


Alternative energy


Ryerson University



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