Towards quantum?encoded optical communications over existing fiber networks

Two fundamental pillars of communications/communications networks are trust and truth; in particular, we must ensure that the message (or data) that a sender wishes to transmit does indeed reach the intended receiver without being altered or eavesdropped by an unwanted party. This project focuses on demonstrating one concept of the quantum internet. The quantum internet is not based on quantum communications per se, but rather considers exploiting quantum principles for encoding and decoding data transmitted over existing fiber networks as a means for obtaining secure transmission. Quantum encoding is thus used as a means of implementing optical steganography for hiding the transmitted data. If successful, the proof?of?principle demonstrations will provide a pathway for developing a quantum internet, which will provide secure data transmission in the telecommunication infrastructures that form the backbone of smart cities, industries, and economies.

Faculty Supervisor:

Lawrence Chen;David Victor Plant


Mostafa Khalil;Adrian Chan;Kh Arif Shahriar




Engineering - computer / electrical


Professional, scientific and technical services


McGill University



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