Trainee position within the industrial Pfizer / UdeS Chair on process analysis (PAT) in pharmaceutical engineering technologies

Pfizer/Université de Sherbrooke Industrial Chair on PAT in pharmaceutical engineering
The internship will be offered in the framework of the Pfizer/Université de Sherbrooke industrial chair on process analytical technology (PAT) in pharmaceutical engineering. Led by Professors Nicolas Abatzoglou and Ryan Gosselin, this chair has the following objectives:
? Develop knowledge of: 1) the physical and chemical phenomena governing the behavior of processes involved in the production of pharmaceutical products, and 2) the criteria surrounding technology transfer based on phenomenological models or mathematics (e.g. the scaling and the introduction of new technologies);
? Implement improved processes and products based on PAT monitoring and control;
? Train highly qualified personnel, both in academia and industry;
? Build a critical research mass in the field of pharmaceutical process monitoring at the Department of Chemical Engineering at Université de Sherbrooke.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ryan Gosselin


Siddharth Kanungo








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