Training in Virtual Environments on Mobile Devices

New emerging Virtual Reality (VR) technologies and mobile devices are changing the way that we are interacting with computing technology. The partner organization has a multimedia product that is used to train technicians to perform various maintenance tasks or introduce them to the interconnected components of a machine. The goal of this project is to research and develop software designs to port this multimedia training framework to mobile platforms. The specific challenges include conducting multimedia training on standalone mobile devices. For users to benefit from such training, a new interaction design is mandatory because of the shift from large screens, mouse and keyboard to small but high resolution touch screens on devices equipped, with on-board cameras and possibly other sensors. This project will help the partner organization to make strategic decisions on future product development and increase the research community’s understanding of the impact of mobile computing on distributed virtual training environments.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jochen Lang


Lu Sun


Lockheed Martin Canada


Engineering - computer / electrical


Information and communications technologies


University of Ottawa



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