Transactive Electric Distribution System

Electric power distribution systems physically connect the newer active transactive energy (TE) elements such as energy storage, demand response, electric vehicles, and renewables to customer loads and electric supply from the transmission system. The proposal outlines a Transactive Electric Distribution System (TEDS) framework which enables the creation of a robust distribution system market in Canada and elsewhere. It encompasses building three sets of algorithms for optimal planning, optimal operation, and forecasting for the distribution system sector market, one set each for the Load Distribution Operator (LDO) market, aggregators, and prosumers. When implemented, the TEDS framework will unlock the economic potential of TE elements in the distribution sector and enable the flow of private capital into the distribution sector, minimizing the cost of electricity to customers while maximizing reliability.  The TEDS framework provides an informed path forward, advancing Canada’s leadership in smart grid technology and innovation.

Faculty Supervisor:

Bala Venkatesh


Amr Mohamed


Independent Electricity System Operator


Engineering - biomedical




Ryerson University



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