Transient Production Decline Analysis of Unconventional Reservoirs with Realistic Heterogeneity and Fracture Morphology

The proposed research is a multi-disciplinary project, which aims at improving existing theories and developing innovative technologies to unlock Canada’s oil and gas resources in a more sustainable way. Theoretical models derived from physics and mathematics are to be examined with real data, and new approaches will be developed to face the technical challenges. Mentorship and realistic field feedbacks from the industry are of great importance to the intern’s research work. Available daily production data from the operating company are used to diagnose the physical conditions of underground oil and gas pools, and to help decision makers plan future activities with higher level of confidence and thus reduce risks of project failure and environmental impact to the public.

Faculty Supervisor:

Gary (Gang) Zhao


Lei Xiao


Husky Energy Ltd.


Engineering - petrochemical




University of Regina



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