“Transit Gender Sunshine List”: Assessment of Representation of Women as CEOs and Directors of Canadian Transit Systems

CUTRIC, in partnership with the University of Windsor are seeking greater understanding of the barriers to participation which have resulted in the low representation of women within the leadership ranks of Canadian transit systems. To better understand this lack of representation, a literature review will be conducted to ascertain what knowledge exists in this field and will be used to provide a foundation for the next steps of the research. Following this, interviews and focus groups with members of transit system leadership will be conducted to discover which barriers exist within this industry. Comparative analyses with U.S. and relevant mobility sector cohorts will be conducted. This research will help CUTRIC to better understand and address systemic barriers within transit systems and increase the representation of women within this industry.

Faculty Supervisor:

Lindsey Jaber


Brandy Doan


Canadian Urban Transit Research and Innovation Consortium





University of Windsor



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