Transition towards an automated and centralized staff scheduling system

The project includes the integration of a new software for crew scheduling at ViaRail, which will make uniform the crew scheduling rules. Crew scheduling is currently distributed over 5 geographical centers at ViaRail, with each center producing schedules independently. Consequently, the project will include three phases: collecting the current practices for crew scheduling in the five centers, analyzing the collection of those rules and proposing a unified process for crew scheduling across the five centers in view of the crew scheduling software purchased by ViaRail. While going through those three steps, the intern will need to keep in mind the optimization of the crew scheduling in terms of staff scheduling work blocks and bidding process. The project will also include the automation of the payroll from the collection fo the data from the crew members, up to the generation of the pay checks.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Brigitte Jaumard


Ali Shaikh


VIA Rail Canada Inc.


Computer science


Construction and infrastructure


Concordia University



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