Transitioning from a Paper-Based to a Fully-Automated Organization

By considering privacy, data storage, data transfer and accessibility issues, the project aims to develop policies that both protect the client and the organization. The larger aim is to demonstrate that health information technologies can be successfully implemented to support nurses in the care planning process. The research will inform the long term goal of future implementation in settings across the healthcare sector and the real-time execution of an electronic health record. VON Canada will benefit from the internship by having the opportunity to obtain and then begin to understand the most relevant information that is available today concerning health information technology implementations. The knowledge will begin to assist and guide the VON on issues and policies related to privacy as it relates to electronic transmission of data and the development of the electronic health record.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Lynn Nagle


Andrew Chang


VON Canada


Epidemiology / Public health and policy


Finance, insurance and business


University of Toronto



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