Translation for educational change: Translator identity and the Global Storybooks project

Our research seeks to better understand challenges that translators encounter in translating stories for the diverse sites on the Global Storybooks portal (, and how they resolve these challenges. We will draw on our existing database of translation data to investigate how translators draw on a range of linguistic resources to achieve a satisfactory representation of the target translation. Practically, this data will help us to develop improved guidelines for translators, as well as proofreaders, editors, and coordinators. More theoretically, the data will enable us to develop a model of translator identity that will legitimize the diverse participants who are active in translation projects. We hope this model will provide a useful framework for further research on translation in diverse global contexts. The sub-objectives of the project are as follows: Sub-objective 1: Review existing database of translation data in the Global Storybooks project and identify common translation challenges and practices of translators. Sub-objective 2: Identify two translation case studies for comprehensive analysis. Sub-objective 3: Based on the case studies, (i) develop a comprehensive set of guidelines for translators working on new Global Storybooks sites and (ii) develop a model of translator identity that would be useful for further research purposes.

Faculty Supervisor:

Bonny Norton


Liam Doherty


Education without Borders






University of British Columbia



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