Translational Research in User Experience Design for Personalized Health

Personalized health is increasingly gaining public attention in the media as the future of healthcare. Personalized health is the idea that medical treatment will be tailored to the individual based on their predicted response or risks of disease. Omics analysis, defined as the universal detection of different classes of biological molecules, has the potential to direct personalized health delivery and enhance lifestyle changes, such as changes in diet and exercise habits, that may prevent disease development.
To improve on the accessibility of this rich Information and action plan for health seekers and platform users, we will use a user centred design approach to optimize the user interface and user experience design of the platform. Through an iterative process of research, design and user-testing, we will seek to Improve and simplify the user experience without compromising integrity of Information to support Improved decision making. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Caylee Raber


Eric Tsoi


Molecular You Corporation




Information and communications technologies




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