TRA(P) – A Language for Describing Motion in 2d Contemporary Art

The internship will investigate existing techniques and languages to analyze, describe and visualize  motion, movement or flow characteristics in a number of different fields and application areas including optical flow for video and visual effects, and Laban Motion Analysis for physical movement. The goal is to draw on existing approaches to define a language to describe motion in 2D art images, and for the purpose of manipulating images to better suit different compositions and spatial layouts. Active image analysis and visual search research is looking at attributes such as colour and similarity, but there is little work in the analysis of motion in images – something that is often used in layperson’s terms to describe the emotional quality of images. Farmboy Fine Arts, as the partner organization, will benefit from the research with its application in developing internal production tools and potentially new innovative product offerings to its clients in the hospitality industry.

Faculty Supervisor:

Steve DiPaola


Nathan Sorenson


Farmboy Fine Arts Inc.


Interactive arts and technology


Digital media


Simon Fraser University



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