Truck safety survey

Fleetmetrica is a new business startup that offers an innovative and patent-pending technology called SafetyMonitor for monitoring and controlling fleet safety of large commercial vehicles.  Fleetmetrica has achieved success with initial fleets, including improved driver habits using their product and are interested in formally quantifying the effectiveness of their technology. 

Fleetmetrica is also interested in testing their product in conjunction with a fuel efficiency training program called SmartDriver offered by Natural Resources Canada to assess combined benefits of these technologies.  The project will include designing the setup of the experiment, counselling the partner on testing guidelines, and analyzing and reporting on the results.  It will examine effectiveness of the SafetyMonitor and SmartDriver technologies on fleet safety and fuel consumption. Fleets participating in the testing will be given the opportunity to expand the use of these technologies to the remainder of their fleet following the analysis, and a further validation of the results will be carried out.

Faculty Supervisor:

W. John Braun


Lengyi Han


Fleetmetrica Inc.


Statistics / Actuarial sciences


Automotive and transportation


Western University



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