Tuberculosis (TB) infection and risk factors among healthcaretrainees in South India

Tuberculosis (TB) is an airborne bacterial infection that causes poor respiratory health and even death. TB is transmitted very well in crowded hospitals where people are in close proximity. For this reason, healthcare workers in countries such as India, which has the largest TB epidemic in the world, are at high risk of being exposed to and acquiring TB infection. To control TB infections in hospital settings, we need to understand which health care workers and trainees are vulnerable and why. In this project, we will examine exposure to and infection by TB among healthcare trainees at a training hospital in South India. We will also examine individual and environmental factors to find if some trainees are at higher risk of infection than others. The findings will contribute to knowledge about TB infection and transmission in hospitals, and help future efforts to control TB and protect healthcare workers and trainees.

Faculty Supervisor:

Madhukar Pai


Marzieh Ghiasi



Epidemiology / Public health and policy



McGill University



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