Tunable, High Throughput UV Exposure Device

Ultraviolet-C (UV) light is able to damage cells and organic matter to make water, air, and high touch surfaces safe for the public. UV-C lamps render microorganisms harmless by damaging their cell structure and DNA. UV-C based water treatment has safely been used for decades by water utilities around the world. Recent developments in technology and research have allowed for an even wide application to clean surfaces, air, and water using UV light. This project proposes a device that will allow for researchers to collect UV data from their experiments much faster than current techniques allow. This device will also make the usage of UV lights more reliable by simplify the way that the turn on and off when shining on a sample. In summary, the proposed device will allow for the faster creation and development of UV-based technologies that keep the public safe.

Faculty Supervisor:

Graham Gagnon


Sean MacIsaac


Springboard Atlantic


Engineering - civil


Professional, scientific and technical services


Dalhousie University



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