UAV-assisted wireless communication system in remote areas

In Canada, less than 30% of the geography is covered by cellular systems. There are lots of human activities in these uncovered remote areas for either gaining nature resources or outdoor experience. In this scenario, the walkie talkie is the only and vital method helping people to build connection between each other, which can ensures their safety. Nevertheless, the signal of walkie talkie devices can be easily attenuated and/or blocked by complicated terrains such as the forest, large rock messes, and mountains. Besides, the remote workers, such as loggers, have also been suffered from the isolation for a long time due to the lack of connection to the outside world. Therefore, in this project, we propose to study and implement the drone-assisted wireless communication system for remote areas, which not only provides reliable connection among nearby users, but also connects the remote areas to the world.

Faculty Supervisor:

Lin Cai


Yue Li;Chengcheng Zhao


Pigeon Communications


Engineering - computer / electrical


Information and cultural industries


University of Victoria



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