UI/UX Design and implementation for PlaceSpeak

Organizations can benefit from consulting with citizens to build better and sustainable neighborhoods in local areas. It is usually challenging to get citizens engaged. Traditionally, techniques used for engagement involve people participating in public meetings personally. This can be intimidating and inconvenient for some. PlaceSpeak provides an online environment to advance citizen participation. It also provides an easier way to inform the citizens about the ongoing projects in their area and to discuss the project. PlaceSpeak’s goal is to encourage more citizens to get involved in their communities. For this purpose the user interface (UI) needs to be easy to use to bring a joyful user experience. The intern aims to analyze and improve the current UI based on UI design principles. At each state of improvement the UI will be tested to advance further development.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Patricia Lasserre


Salma Kheiravar


New City Ventures


Computer science


Digital media


University of British Columbia



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