Ultra-low-power sensor interfaces for next generation IoE

This research project aims to improve the quality of life and facilitate the early detection of some health conditions by enabling wearabale devices that have a very small form factor, are highly reliable and provide continuous health tracking and monitoring. The ultra-low-energy consumption of the electronics designed in this project extends the battery longevity of such wearables which in turn translates into less frequent charging and/or battery replacement, and makes the use of the wearables much more convenient; specially under circumstances where access to a new battery or charger is restricted or not possible. The partner organization will benefit from the experience in the field of ultra-low-power analog, mixed-signal and sensor interfaces along with highly talented pool of graduate students involved in this research to realize the project milestones in a timely manner and with utmost quality and efficacy

Faculty Supervisor:

Shahriar Mirabbasi


Ziyu Wang;Sahar Monfared;Bahareh Shirmohammadi


Atlazo Inc


Engineering - computer / electrical


Professional, scientific and technical services


University of British Columbia


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