Ultrafast laser nano-structuring in transparent glass: enabling 3D fibre-photonics packaging and assembly for high temperature sensing

This Mitacs project addresses a significant barrier the partner company (Fibos Inc.) is facing with their current customers in manufacturing of fibre optical sensors that can be robust and cost effective for the high temperature and pressure environments. The market is aimed at sensing of rotor assemblies in turbines where electrical and other means of measurement are not directly possible. The proposed solution is an “all-glass” optical fibre transducer that eliminates low-temperature adhesives to improve mechanical strength, sensor response, amd product lifetime, while promising higher temperature application. This approach aims for a simple, all-in-one manufacturing procedure by applying a femtosecond laser to both fabricate the optical fibre sensor and to weld the optical fibre to glass substrate to form a robust optical fibre sensing transducer. Successful completion of this project will enable Fibos to establish ultrafast laser production of fibre transducer sensors for the first time in Canada that can work at extreme environment conditions.

Faculty Supervisor:

Peter R Herman


Young Hwan Kim;Abdullah Rahnama




Engineering - computer / electrical




University of Toronto



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