Ultrafine Powder Coatings for Thin Film Applications

Powder coatings are more environmentally-friendly and cost-effective than liquid coatings. However, the use of coarse coating particles leads to high film thickness and inferior visual appearance, and these defects limit their use where high precision and highly aesthetic effects are required. To obtain a smooth coated surface, the use of fine powder is necessary. However, this gives rise to many problems which need to be overcome to allow proper application of the fine powder. The proposed method is to reduce the particle size of existing powder coatings by special techniques and then enhance the flowability and achieve good visual appearance. After the modification, more evaluations
will be performed to confirm that the performance matches or exceeds the conventional counterpart. The success of this project will help reduce the hazardous chemicals along with liquid coatings, reduce energy consumption and boost coating application efficiency.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jesse Zhu


Shuai (Marshall) Yang


H & G Powder Painting


Engineering - chemical / biological


Construction and infrastructure


Western University



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