Understanding 3D Spatial-Data from Health, Trade and Customer Service VR Training Simulator

The proposed research is a collaboration between Virtro and SFU’s iVizLab to collaboratively work on ways to understand the processes involved in analyzing and visualizing 3D spatial data. iVizLab’s research focuses on AI based computational models, in this case a data visualization tool that help users analyze 3D spatial data. In creating this user interface, the iVizLab will help teachers find insights and make sense of the errors their students do in a VR training simulator to provide personalized feedback to each student. The intern will be working closely with the partner organization to work on understanding the needs of the analyst and to translate them into an easy to use system. Further, the intern will be working on ways to apply machine-learning methods that help simplify the process of analyzing complex data.

Faculty Supervisor:

Steve DiPaola


Mayra Donaji Barrera Machuca




Interactive arts and technology


Information and cultural industries


Simon Fraser University



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