Understanding and Magnifying the Impacts of Cultural Content

Magnify Digital and OCAD University’s project Understanding and Magnifying the Impacts of Cultural Content will result in a deeper understanding of the success of a media product, its critical reception, and its impacts on audiences, and will develop, test, and implement tools that can accomplish this. These analyses are intended to better position a product for cultural, social, and economic impact. Using qualitative research tools and AI we will build a scoring system that considers critical reception and audience impact and considers the diversity of audiences and their needs. COVID-19 has amplified the potential of some screen-based expressions to support perceptions improved health and wellness and in some instances reinforce positive health outcomes. We will apply these criteria to an in-depth case study and further refine the scoring system to evaluate the health and wellness impacts of media content.

Faculty Supervisor:

Sara Diamond


Chris Kyung-Yoon Kim


Magnify Digital




Arts, entertainment and recreation


OCAD University



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