Understanding Co-located Attendance with Technology in Classrooms

Recent technological advancements led to the emergence of technology-enabled collaborative environments in which students work together on different activities. In such settings, the first step is to determine the participants who are present and take part in the collaborative activities. We are interested in the attendance-taking process itself as a collaborative activity, and plan to learn more about its theory and practice, and to study new ways in which it can be applied using cutting edge collaborative technologies. Our research project with SMART would allow us to use their existing classroom applications and to reflect on how they currently take attendance (e.g. via SMART interactive games apps). Based on the insight we will gain, we will then move to improving the existing interactive attendance taking techniques, to implementing new attendance apps and mini-games and to evaluating them with teachers and students using the SMART technology.

Faculty Supervisor:

Anthony Tang


Hesam Alizadeh


SMART Technologies


Computer science


Digital media


University of Calgary



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