Understanding Coastal Ecosystem Response to Nature-Based Climate Adaptation Methods in a Cold Climate

The maritime provinces are currently facing questions around how to create more resilient coastal communities in the face of a changing climate, specifically due to impacts of sea level rise and increasing severity and frequency of storm events. One option for adapting to climate change is to move away from hard infrastructure towards softer/greener approaches, such as nature-base adaptation solutions, also known as “building with nature”. This research project will focus on two nature-based adaptation solution pilot projects in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick to assess how ecosystems respond to various methods, including managed realignment and beneficial reuse of dredge material. These “building with nature” options will replace hard infrastructure with softer approaches to help facilitate ecosystem and habitat recovery. Research will focus on pre and post construction monitoring to understand how ecosystems recover and what impacts ice and snow have on the various nature-based adaptation methods.

Faculty Supervisor:

Danika van Proosdij


Samantha Lewis




Environmental sciences


Professional, scientific and technical services


Saint Mary's University



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