Understanding fundamental processes in Dielectric Barrier Discharge Devices used in air quality improvement.

Air Phaser is a proprietary product produced by Air Phaser Environmental and designed to oxidize and/or reduce air-borne pollutants that need to be transformed to environmentally benign forms. The Air Phaser uses electrical discharges to destroy and break down the VOC’s present in the contaminated air. Although, the technology is effective for many VOC’s, some classes of compounds, specifically aromatic species, are not degraded enough to completely eliminate odor or potential adverse health impacts. We will carefully analyze the products generated by this system as we systematically change operating parameters. This will enable us to develop a better understanding of the chemical processes that occur in Air Phasers’ air cleaning devices. Our study will improve the effectiveness of these devices by optimizing system parameters.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Rob O'Brien


Trent Hammer


Air Phaser Environmental Ltd.




Environmental industry


University of British Columbia Okanagan



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