Understanding of key cognitive components of aviation training in the context of an e-learning environment

Complex learning environments that are mediated by technology require distinct concurrent methodologies that reveal when and where learning may occur (Azevedo et al., in press; Lajoie, Gauthier, & Lu, 2009). In this research, we use methods that are rooted in the learning sciences in order to identify, assess, and validate the instructional and learning components of an e-learning environment developed by CAE Corporation, which is aimed to train pilots. These models are intended to inform CAE designers about the different features of the system that promote and support proficiency within the system for different levels of learners (e.g., novice, intermediate, experts). Recommendations will be made for moving forward the e-lesson from a multimedia environment to an intelligent tutoring system (ITS) that provides personalized feedback according to the learner performance.

Faculty Supervisor:

Susanne Lajoie


Ilian Cruz-Panesso


CAE Inc.




Medical devices


McGill University



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