Understanding of the effect of wood quality and pulping conditions on the properties of dissolving pulp

AV Nackawic has experienced significant variations in the quality of its final product, including, pulp viscosity. There are many variables, both quality parameters of raw materials such as, wood species, chip size, and process conditions such as P- factor, EA, H-factor, play a key role in the overall quality of the final product. Due to the multivariable and complex nature of the issue, modelling/ data analyses using PCA and PLS analyses can reveal the key parameters that affect the pulp quality, thus gaining operational guidance. In this research project, PCA and PLS analysis will be used to determine the effect of wood chip quality (wood species, fiber dimension & distribution, density, moisture content, etc.) and cooking conditions/variables (cooking time & temperature, H-factor, P-factor, pH, etc.) on the pulp quality parameters such as, yield and intrinsic viscosity. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Yonghao Ni


Avik Khan


AV Nackawic Inc.


Engineering - chemical / biological






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