Unit Commitment Problem Integrated with Plug-in Electric Vehicles and Renewable Energy Sources

Electric Power is crucial challenge for every nation. Canada is a developing country and the development of any country is nudged by the amount of electricity used by that country. The size of the power system is growing exponentially due to heavy demand of electricity in all the sectors viz. agricultural, industrial, residential, commercial and charging of Plug-in EVs/HEVs etc. The ever-rising demand for energy has led professionals to look out for renewable sources of energy and with its growing influence. Global warming, degradation of the ecosystem and quality of air requires serious plan of action. More work needs to be done in this sector. Motivated by these research challenges, the intend of the proposed research is to develop a hybrid meta-heuristics research algorithm for the solution of profit based unit commitment problem of electric power system with due consideration of power demand of plug-in charging vehicles and renewable energy sources.

Faculty Supervisor:

Om P Malik


Vikram Kumar


Agam Enterprises


Engineering - computer / electrical



University of Calgary



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