Up-scalable production of high efficiency perylene diimide (PDI)-based organic light emitting devices using slot die coating methods

With respect to large-area display applications, it is desirable to have not only the active layers but also the electrodes in the OLEDs that can be formed by solution fabrication process. To address the manufacturing challenges of high-performance OLEDs, several scalable techniques such as doctor blading, ink-jet printing, and ultrasonic spray coating have been developed or employed. Hence, OLEDs provide a wider scope for researchers to either develop or demonstrate a variety of new methods that are cost-effective, large-area, and roll-to-roll (R2R) compatible, and more importantly, have excellent efficiency.As OLEDs technology becomes more established, further improvement in device performance can be expected. However, successful and timely commercialization of this technology to replace already-existing but expensive LCD technologies depends on how some of the critical issues, such as (1) providing strategies for optimization of OLEDs, (2) combining facile synthetic methods with greener processing for efficient polymer-perylene diimide based OLEDs and (3) employing efficient, high performance slot die coating technology for OLED applications, are addressed.

Faculty Supervisor:

Gregory Welch


Sergey Vladimirovich Dayneko


LED Sign Supply


Engineering - computer / electrical




University of Calgary



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