Upheaval buckling behavior of offshore oil pipeline

Over the past few decades, offshore oil and gas development activities have grown rapidly to meet the global energy demand. Canada is one of the major offshore oil and gas producing countries in the world and relies on pipelines for transporting offshore oil and gas. While the pipeline is considered as one of the most viable mean of transporting oil and gas, the consequence of pipeline failure is disastrous, affecting the economy, public health and the environment. It is therefore of paramount importance to keep the pipeline safe from any potential damage. The upheaval buckling is a mode of deformation that overstresses the pipe wall and may lead to pipeline failure. In this research, upheaval buckling of offshore pipeline will be investigated in order to develop improved design method to safeguard pipeline against upheaval buckling.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ashutosh Dhar


Bipul Chandra Mondal


Petroleum Research Atlantic Canada


Engineering - civil


Construction and infrastructure


Memorial University of Newfoundland



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