UppstArt – A blockchain-based e-commerce system for the sale of online art.

UppstArt is a blockchain-based system for arts e-commerce. UppstArt integrates Ethereum blockchain to handle the online sale of art. UppstArt allows buyers to track the ownership provenance of artworks and resell their purchases any time. UppstArt also allows artists receive a royalty percentage every time their artworks are resold (Pending Canadian Legislation Artist Resale Rights). UppstArt is directed to living artists that produce original paintings. In the future, UppstArt will be expanded for other artistic works. For the general public, this research is significant because it will allow having reliable information of artworks before buying them. This project is motivated by the initiative to allow artists to receive a royalty percentage when their work is resold. Sometimes the value of artwork increases but the artist does not receive any reward. 

Faculty Supervisor:

Ralph Deters


Mayra Samaniego




Computer science


Finance, insurance and business


University of Saskatchewan



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