Use of 3-D Virtual Reality Displays while in Flight: The Effects of Vestibular-Ocular Mismatch on Situation Awareness – Year Two

This PDF will further our understanding of how augmented reality, an emerging technology, can improve collaborative situation awareness. In particular, this project will investigate the best ways for information to be shared when two or more individuals each use an augmented reality device. For example, in maritime environments there is always the risk of man-overboard events. Depending on the light and sea conditions it can be difficult to spot and then to share the location information with others responsible for navigation. Augmented reality devices that resemble glasses or goggles can overlay holographic information onto your field of view. This holographic information may not be otherwise perceptible in the real world. It is believed that situation awareness, such as the knowledge of the location of important entities in the environment, (people, other ships, aircraft, or terrain) can be enhanced by the use of augmented reality. 

Faculty Supervisor:

Chris Herdman


Kathleen Van Benthem


General Dynamics Canada


Visual arts


Aerospace and defense


Carleton University



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