Use of acoustic telemetry to assess the potential effects of in-stream tidal power turbines on 3 fish species in Minas Passage, Bay of Fundy


Testing of in-stream tidal power devices in Minas Passage, NS began November 12, 2009 when the first of three prototype units was installed on the seabed. The Upper Bay of Fundy, including Minas Passage, is recognized as an area of high ecological importance, and is home to a diverse assemblage of fish, which includes several species of concern. Environmental monitoring requirements include assessments of the potential impacts and interactions of marine fish species with in-stream tidal power installations. This study will utilize an array of underwater acoustic telemetry receivers to track 3 fish species of concern (striped bass, Atlantic sturgeon, and American eel) through the turbine development area. It is the intent of this study to provide movement information regarding direction, depth, speed, and dispersion, as well as information regarding behavioral avoidance and reaction responses in close proximity to the Open Hydro turbine test site. 

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Anna Redden


Jerome Broome






Information and communications technologies


Acadia University



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