Use of Guide and Outfitter Knowledge and Sampling to Advance Wildlife Health Surveillance Systems

This research intends to work towards establishing essential baselines of health status and trends in the Northern Mountain Population (NMP) of woodland caribou in the Skeena region of northwestern British Columbia. We will use scientific data from a guide and outfitter-led sampling program in combination with local ecological knowledge from practicing guides and outfitters in these regions towards a comprehensive understanding of the health and status of these culturally, ecologically, and economically valuable animals. The intern will be responsible for the development and implementation of a caribou sampling training program to local stakeholders as well as in the systematic collection of local knowledge using in-depth interview techniques with members of this industry. In partnership with the Tahltan Guide and Outfitters Association, this project ultimately hopes to create capacity and develop a framework for a collaborative, locally-driven wildlife health monitoring program extendable to various species and regions. This species is of critical value to the local guided hunting industry and, in filling the existing gaps in knowledge, adaptive and effective wildlife management will be facilitated.

Faculty Supervisor:

Susan Kutz


Naima Jutha


Tahltan Guide and Outfitters Association


Epidemiology / Public health and policy


Life sciences




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