Use of X-rays as an alternative for fungal and bacterial pathogen control in seeds and stored food

The shortage and quality of food to feed the existing and growing population is an issue of global concern. There is also serious problem with the fungal and bacterial pathogens which result in losses of billions of dollars of annual loss of agricultural products. This project is an attempt to mitigate this with the use of X-ray treatment of seeds and organic products in stead of gamma rays or electron beams of a few MeV energies. This project, when completed, has the prospects to develop field-deployable treatment facilities for use around the globe, including developing countries in the tropical zones to mitigate the food shortage of the hungry world.

Faculty Supervisor:

Chary Rangacharyulu;Venkatesh Meda


Kaylyn Olshanoski;Moira Elisabeth McCoy


NavGaea Consulting Inc


Engineering - other



University of Saskatchewan



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