User Demographic and Interest Prediction

Addictive Mobility is the leading Big-Data online advertising company in Canada. It uses Real-Time Bidding (RTB) platform for online display advertising in mobile devices. In this domain, a number of companies compete with each other to display a specific Ad to a customer within a specific time. Thus, in such a competitive system, the goal is to develop and optimize such a system which can not only minimize the cost over the campaign period, but also send targeted ads to maximize the Return on Investment such as number of clicks or purchases. Methodologies such as Data Visualization, Data Mining and Machine Learning are needed to handle the massive amount of data sent by Ad Exchanges and to make a better sense out of it. Also, targeting the right audience is important as that can lead to better experience for the users as well as a higher value generation for the company both in terms of revenue and reputation. It can also lead to increase in user interaction which can prove a valuable asset to the company’s business. Enhancing this and developing such a system is at the core of company’s business and important for its reputation and returns.

Faculty Supervisor:

Raquel Urtasun


Kanika Madan


Addictive Mobility


Computer science


Digital media


University of Toronto



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