Using Augmented Reality to Improve Quality in a Discreet Component Assembly Process

Quality control in manufacturing can be a challenge. While many use AR (Augmented Reality) to reduce error in training processes or to assist with the assembly process, this research will introduce AR as a means of performing quality checks while the worker is assembling, thus allowing him or her to do two jobs at once. DAQRI will be used as a smart visor/helmet to provide visual cues to the worker, eliminating the need to check a status screen for updates, as well as identifying any assembly errors and providing a means to fix the problem. The goal is to use AR to make an employee both an assembler and quality controller simultaneously. Effectiveness will be measured by assessing number of defected finished products before and after implementing the system, as well as how soon the defects were detected, and how quickly they were corrected compared to traditional means.

Faculty Supervisor:

Xiaobo Yuan


Caitlin Facchina


DataRealm Inc


Computer science






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