Using behavioral biometrics to continuously authenticate an individual

The Nymi band is a unique wearable that authenticates the wearer using biometric data to provide continuous authenticated presence in smart environments. Nymi enables wireless user proximity & presence solutions, removing the need for physical interaction with IoT, mobile and computer applications for identification, non-repudiation, personalization and intent for any transactions. Similar to a lot of the current technology, the Nymi band only authenticates at the start, when the band is first worn. This can be undesirable, since non-authorized personnel could get access to information they should not be allowed to.

In order to make the band more secure and robust, the band needs to continuously authenticate the wearer. This will increase the likelihood of catching incorrect authentication as there will be more checks throughout the day to ensure the correct user is wearing the band. To achieve continuous authentication, this project will apply a set of machine learning algorithms to recognize patterns in the various biometric data analyzed.

Faculty Supervisor:

Khai Truong


Rohit Rathi


Nymi Inc


Computer science


Information and communications technologies




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