Using machine learning to investigate sympathetic activation of the autonomic nervous system during treatment of mild traumatic brain injury, chronic pain and post-traumatic stress disorder

The goal of the proposed research project is to further our understanding and clinical management of Canadian Forces service members and Veterans suffering from a complex medical triad of traumatic brain injury, chronic pain, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Over half of rehabilitation patients experience one or more of these complex medical conditions, often associated with intractable symptoms which do not respond to traditional treatment options, and impairing their ability to function effectively at work and in the community. Using a Computer Assisted Rehabilitation Environment (CAREN) this research will collect and consolidate a series of non-invasive whole-body biological measurements from patients during immersive therapy sessions in the CAREN Virtual Reality facility. High-performance computing and machine learning will be used to develop and deploy real-time estimators of sympathetic neural activation of the autonomic nervous system (SAANS). TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

James Green


Roger Selzler


IBM Canada


Engineering - computer / electrical


Medical devices




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