Using rate setting to control municipal water consumption

Canada’s municipal water suppliers are facing challenges from population growth, ageing infrastructure, and climate change. We can no longer rely on finding new water sources or increasing our abstraction rates; we must implement demand management approaches that reduce our need for water. This project will focus on the use of price reforms in Canadian municipal water-providing entities to reduce public water consumption. The data collection phase will take place at Econics, a company that provides environmental and financial services to water providers. This company will benefit from having a fresh perspective from an intern with a very strong educational background in water management and business. The intern will end his project at McGill, where he will combine his practical experience with academic guidance from his supervisor (who is an expert in urban water management and modelling) to contribute to the literature on how rate setting can be used as a demand management approach for municipal water providers in Canada.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Jan Adamowski


Ben Robinson




Engineering - chemical / biological


Environmental industry


McGill University



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