Using Visual Analytics to Support the Analysis of Environment Risk Indicators for Cancer

Visual analytics (VA) potentially has a great range of applications within healthcare. CAREX and Engage Data will investigate, with the intern, the uses of VA for data analysis and visualization to support real-world carcinogen-related explorations related to the use of the eRISK Online web-based tool developed by CAREX. Engage Data is specifically interested in understanding how the deployment of VA can be used to achieve a better understanding of on-line health informatics. The project involves modifying the eRISK tool based on identified user needs and problems in order to achieve a better understanding of the visualization of carcinogen-related health informatics, provide
valuable insights about the carcinogen-related needs of eRISK users, and facilitate interactive collaborations among Engage Data, CAREX and eRISK users.

Faculty Supervisor:

Christopher Carlsten


Mandy Pui


CAREX Canada




Environmental industry




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