Utilization of IoT networks for emergency situations

yodelME is a Kelowna, British Columbia based firm that develops network solutions. They are particularly interested in providing communication capabilities over ad hoc networks, i.e., networks with node mobility and topology changing capabilities, deployed in regions with limited pre-existing communications infrastructure. In recent years, they have primarily concentrated on providing enhanced communication capabilities for emergency services personnel in remote areas, such as that required during natural disasters, i.e., floods and forest fires. They focus on providing ad hoc network solutions that are inexpensive, reliable, fluid and dynamic in range, and that intelligently connect people and resources with each other as needed.
Internet of Things (IoT) networks, being implemented based on LoRaWan technology, are being deployed in remote areas by the resource industries to gather telemetry and sensor data, and to control remote equipment and sites. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Stephen O'Leary


Ashraf Ahsan




Engineering - other


Information and communications technologies




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