Utilizing Key Performance Indicators to Increase the Production Efficiency of Ontario Cow Calf Operations

The Ontario beef industry is a significant part of the agricultural economy, accounting for the highest farm cash receipts in the sector. Through linkages to other parts of the economy, beef production employs thousands of Ontarians and generates $1.4 billion for the provincial economy. The industry is under threat, however, from such challenges as trade restrictions, higher feed costs and changing food preferences. The most effective medium term solution to ensure the viability of the industry is to increase efficiency at the farm level. This study seeks to evaluate the determinants of production inefficiency and propose a system of benchmarking, whereby producers can compare their operations to ones identified to be relatively more efficient. This study will identify efficient producers and determine which production and management factors contribute most to the level of production efficiency. Producers will benefit from the identification of key performance indicators, which will help them improve the efficiency, and thus the profitability, of their operations.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Maury E. Bredahl


Michael Weber


Ontario Cattlemen’s Association






University of Guelph



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