Validating Existing Understandings of National Nonprofit Environments

The politics of information, and information availability, affect civil society’s ability to participate in democratic governance and the ability to establish accountability and credibility. New nonprofit regulations create additional reporting requirements, but much of this information is withheld from the sector itself. The proposed project will produce reports on the data environment of each region (Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe), using information from the Global Registry of Nonprofit Data Sources (GRNDS) on what data national governments collect on their national nonprofits validated by local organizations (members of GivingTuesday in 12 selected countries), in comparison to other data environments in the region and globally. Increasing GivingTuesday member organizations’ awareness of their national nonprofit data environments, and how these compare to regional norms and global best practices, will empower these organizations to find new funding sources, connect with new partners, improve collaboration, and advocate for improvements to their data environments.

Faculty Supervisor:

Wendy Wong;Elizabeth Bloodgood


Michael Faubert




Political science






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