Validation and Usability Analysis for a Return to Work Software Platform

Benefit payments totaled 2.5 billion dollars for Ontario workplaces in 2015. The most common injury resulting in occupational lost time claims is a strain or sprain. These injuries indicate that despite massive efforts to reduce musculoskeletal injuries in Canadian workplaces, these issues are still a prominent source of disability and have an associated $2.5 billion annual economic burden. A physical demands description (PDD) database allows health care practitioners to determine if an employee can return to work by comparing their residual functional physical capacities and physical job demands. These PDDs lack format standardization, require technical expertise to perform, and are time-consuming. This research will examine the utility of a new, rapid, and easy-to-use video-based PDD tool, examine its validity compared to traditional pen-and-paper methods, and assess if the new video-based PDDs aide occupational health physicians in determining an appropriate return-to-work plan.

Faculty Supervisor:

Peter Keir


Colin McKinnon






Medical devices




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