Valuable Opportunities to Inspire Change thru Empowerment (VOICE) Program

This Mitacs project will support the VOICE program in building evaluation capacity and supporting evaluation of their program curriculum and mentor-mentee relationships as a result of completing the program. The Mitacs intern will work collaboratively with the VOICE project leaders in developing and carrying out an evaluation framework, and will work to ensure that the evaluative results inform meaningful change to the varying components of the program. This project provides VOICE with the resources they need to monitor the impacts of their work, the effectiveness of their program in facilitating conversations and changed views of gender-based violence in communities, and the achievement of their goals. By participating in this project, we will build their capacity and support in assessing the impacts of their work , collect evidence about the impact of the program on the community, and provide evidence that can be used to refine the VOICE project to better meet the participants who complete the program

Faculty Supervisor:

Rebecca Gokiert;Marilyn Hawirko


Nick Denomey


Golden Bears Alumni Association






University of Alberta



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